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Candle Care Kit

A must have for every candle lover! Care easily for your candles with our fancy candle care kit. Quickly trim your wicks with the trimmer, re-centre with the dipper, and use either the snuffer or the dipper to cleanly and properly extinguish your candles. They're a TOTAL game changer for your whole candle burning experience.

For the inside scoop on using each tool, check out our blog  🙌 


  • 1 x Wick Trimmer (6.5 x 2.5 in)
  • 1 x Candle Snuffer (6.5 x 1 in)
  • 1 x Wick Dipper (8 x 1 in)
  • 1 x Candle Tray (9 x 3.5 in)
  • 1 x drawstring cotton bag


  • $34.00
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