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Our Story

We're Sherah + Shelby, the husband and wife team behind Misiyo. In early 2019, we decided to combine our love of candles and our passion for a little non-profit in Rwanda to create a socially-conscious company that gives back with every candle sold.

We started from scratch using beeswax and the more we discovered about the benefits, the more we were determined to make our candles with it! It's the most local, sustainable and clean burning wax there is and it burns longer too! After six months of trial and error with a great many mason jar testers, we developed our own wax blend with the addition of coconut wax and our luxe, clean and eco-friendly candles were born!

We started blending fragrances in early 2020 and let's just say I am picky! Our scents are carefully developed and tested - made to not overpower a space, but to gently add that little something - that moment of inspiration, coziness and relaxation needed in your day. We use pure essential oil blends and premium, clean-burning fragrance oils that are safe and smell AMAZING!

"Misiyo translates as 'mission' in the Rwandan language and this embodies why we exist. To help you feel good while doing a little good in the world, because the things we enjoy can be kind to the planet + generous to others"

These days, I (Sherah) am running the day to day with our team member Brie, who joined us in the craziness of holiday market season in 2021. From our candle vessels to our packaging, everything is as eco-friendly as possible, either reused, recyclable or compostable. We care deeply about our impact on the planet and continue to work at sustainability as a whole - and we will soon be 100% solar powered too! Every candle we make is handcrafted from start to finish at our country home studio just outside Edmonton, Alberta.

Our candles are for slow-living, celebrating the everyday moments, relaxing and unwinding - living this one precious life we've been given with purpose.

Thank you for being here, and if you end up purchasing a candle, know that you've supported a small Canadian business and given back to someone in Rwanda which means so much to us! Reach out to me anytime at or on social. I'm always down to chat, answer questions or endlessly talk about how cool Rwanda is and why you should go visit!

- Sherah

learn more about our giveback and the non-profit we support in Rwanda here

Misiyo founders Sherah and Shelby shown smiling togetherMisiyo founders relaxing on their living room couch together with flowers and candles on the coffee table in the foreground
Sherah and Brie smiling together
Sherah testing out new fragrances, shows amber glass bottles on the table in the Misiyo Home Studio
amber glass bottles of fragrance shown and hands working at scent testing
Misiyo founder Sherah sitting on a chair and smiling with candles lit next to her chair on a side table
Sherah pouring candle tins in the Misiyo Home Studio
candle jars and tins being labelled in the Misiyo Home Studio

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