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Why You Need a Candle Care Kit

Why You Need a Candle Care Kit

They're here and they're super duper pretty, and I'm about to tell you why they're oh-so functional too! Get ready to have your candle game seriously levelled up. ✨

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I didn't have a full candle care kit until THIS year. I know right?! Oops 😳 We've used a wick trimmer since day one (an absolutely necessity!) but a screw driver doubled as a less functional wick dipper and although always wanting a proper snuffer, I hadn't bought one yet. I suppose I was waiting until we could bring in the full kit to share with you too!

Without further ado, they're here and they're super duper pretty, and I'm about to tell you why they're oh-so functional too! Get ready to have your candle game seriously levelled up. ✨


Wick Trimmer

Still using scissors, or *gasp* 😉 forgetting to trim your wicks at all? The trimmer is coming to the rescue! Trim your candle wick easily and cleanly. With this handy dandy tool you can trim off the excess quickly, even when it's near the bottom of the vessel (where scissors or your fingers won't reach). 

And why trim to 1/4" (about 0.7 cm) every time you light your candle? It will burn cleaner, longer and stay more aesthetic too!


Wick Dipper

Okay, this tool is my jam! It's a multi tool for all sorts of fun candle maintenance stuff like:

  1. Extinguishing your candle cleanly- use it to dip your lit wick into the wax pool of the candle and taa-daa! You just killed the flame without smoke and should feel like a total candle pro 🙌  Make sure to straighten your wick back up out of the wax so it's ready for the next burn.
  2. Remove any debris from the candle- like bits of wick etc. They can be a fire hazard and can also shorten the overall burn time of your candle or overheat the vessel if left in.
  3. Re-centre your wick- a wick might become detached from the base of the candle vessel if it was moved when burning, burned on an on even surface, or burned for longer than the recommended 4 hours. Or sometimes it just happens, but not to fear! Extinguish the flame and then use the dipper to carefully move the wick back to centre. If the base is exposed, move the wick back to centre by pressing on the base and holding it there until the wax hardens a little to secure it in place.


Candle Snuffer

The most elegant way to quickly and cleanly extinguish a flame, and feel a little bougie too 🔥. Place the snuffer over the flame, hovering just over the wax pool and wait until a little smoke comes out, signifying the flame has been put out. Candle snuffers limit the smoke released so your air stays clean and the scent lingers. Oh, and if you've ever blown out a candle and had hot wax splash out onto your table/counter/linens.... well, this fixes that too.


Our care kits come with a sturdy metal tray that all of your tools sit on. They double as home decor and can be left in a convenient spot for using every time you burn candles. Cue feeling fancy 24-7! The whole kit also comes packaged in a cotton drawstring bag so it can be stashed away if you prefer and easily pulled out when needed.

 Why not grab one of our candle care kits and try this all out for yourself? I promise it's a candle game-changer! 👏 Or snag one for a candle-loving friend as a thoughtful + super useful gift - I bet they'll be forever grateful!

Be sure to let us know if you have any further questions, we're always here to help!

To feeling + doing good 🥂,




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