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Amber + Lace

*This scent is being discontinued. Once remaining stock is sold, it will head to our archives. Stock up now if this is a favourite of yours!*


A scent that oozes luxury and romance, transforming your space into a cozy, captivating haven. Immerse yourself in exotic, woodsy undertones of sandalwood, powdery top notes of vanilla musk, and hints of delicate rose to create a moment of beauty in your day.

Handcrafted with Canadian beeswax, pure coconut wax, natural cotton wick, phthalate-free fragrances + essential oils

9oz jar: 45-50 hours  |  Gives back 3 months of health insurance in Rwanda
6oz tin: 28-33 hours  |  Gives back 2 months of health insurance in Rwanda
4oz tin: 18-23 hours  |  Gives back 1 month of health insurance in Rwanda

  • $28.00
  • $34.00