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Santal Dusk


With an aura of mystery and allure, this moody fragrance is sure to ignite your senses. The evocative blend of ancient oud, charred smoky vanilla, ethereal myrrh and hints of incense infuse your surroundings with a warm, lingering glow. Whether you're seeking solace after a long day or creating a captivating ambiance for intimate gatherings, this scent elevates any occasion and helps you cherish the present moment.

Handcrafted with Canadian beeswax, pure coconut wax, natural cotton wick, phthalate-free fragrances + essential oils

9oz jar: 45-50 hours / Gives back 3 months of health insurance in Rwanda
6oz tin: 28-33 hours / Gives back 2 months of health insurance in Rwanda
4oz tin: 18-23 hours / Gives back 1 month of health insurance in Rwanda
  • $25.00